Science Fair Projects World

Investigating Newton’s Laws of Motion




Demonstrate and analyze Newton’s three laws of motion using simple experiments.


  • Track or smooth surface
  • Car toy or small cart
  • Weights
  • Spring scale
  • Timer
  • Notebook for recording data


  1. Demonstrate Newton’s First Law by pushing a toy car and observing its motion on a flat, smooth surface. Record its motion until it stops.
  2. Investigate Newton’s Second Law by adding weights to the car and using a spring scale to apply different forces. Measure and record the car’s acceleration for each force.
  3. Test Newton’s Third Law by using two spring scales attached to each other and pulling them in opposite directions. Record the forces exerted on both scales.
  4. Analyze the data to confirm the principles of Newton’s three laws of motion.
  5. Present your findings in a report, explaining each law with your experimental evidence.