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Testing the Effectiveness of Sunscreen




Evaluate how well different SPF levels of sunscreen protect against UV radiation.


  • Sunscreens with different SPF levels
  • UV-sensitive beads
  • Sunlight or UV lamp
  • Clear plastic sheets
  • Notebook for recording data


  1. Apply different sunscreens to separate sections of a clear plastic sheet.
  2. Place UV-sensitive beads under each section of the plastic sheet.
  3. Expose the setup to sunlight or a UV lamp for a set period.
  4. Observe and record the color change in the UV-sensitive beads in your notebook.
  5. Compare the effectiveness of each sunscreen based on the color intensity of the beads.
  6. Analyze your findings to determine which SPF levels provide the best protection against UV radiation.
  7. Present your results in a report, discussing the importance of sunscreen in protecting skin from UV damage.