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Investigating the Role of Hydration in Physical Performance




Examine how different levels of hydration affect physical performance.


  • Water bottles
  • Participants
  • Physical performance tests (e.g., running, jumping)
  • Notebook for recording data


  1. Measure baseline physical performance of participants (e.g., running time, jump height).
  2. Divide participants into groups with different hydration levels (e.g., well-hydrated, moderately hydrated, dehydrated).
  3. Ensure participants in each group drink different amounts of water before retesting.
  4. Perform the physical performance tests again with each group.
  5. Record the results in your notebook.
  6. Compare the physical performance results across the different hydration levels.
  7. Analyze your findings to understand the importance of hydration for physical performance.
  8. Present your results in a report, discussing the impact of hydration on athletic performance.