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The Impact of Plastic Waste on Soil Health


Investigate how plastic waste affects soil quality and plant growth.


  • Potted plants (same species)
  • Plastic waste (e.g., plastic bags, plastic bottles)
  • Soil
  • Measuring tape or ruler
  • Notebook for observations


  1. Prepare several pots with soil, and embed different types and amounts of plastic waste in some pots.
  2. Plant seeds or seedlings of the same species in each pot.
  3. Water the plants equally and monitor their growth over several weeks.
  4. Measure the height and health of each plant weekly using a measuring tape or ruler.
  5. Record your observations in a notebook, noting any differences in growth between the plants in plastic-infused soil and those in regular soil.
  6. Analyze your findings to understand the effect of plastic waste on soil health and plant growth.