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The Influence of Music on Plant Growth




Examine whether music affects plant growth.


  • Potted plants (same species and size)
  • Music player and speakers
  • Different genres of music
  • Measuring tape or ruler
  • Notebook for observations


  1. Prepare three groups of plants and label them (e.g., Group A, Group B, Group C).
  2. Expose Group A to classical music, Group B to rock music, and keep Group C in silence as a control.
  3. Play music for a set duration each day (e.g., 1 hour).
  4. Water and care for all plants equally.
  5. Measure the height of each plant weekly using a measuring tape or ruler.
  6. Record the growth and overall health of each plant in the notebook.
  7. Compare the growth of plants in each group over a set period (e.g., 4 weeks).
  8. Draw conclusions about the influence of different types of music on plant growth.