Science Fair Projects World

Studying the Behavior of Ant Colonies




Observe and document the behavior of ants within a colony.


  • Ant farm
  • Ants
  • Various stimuli (food, light, obstacles)
  • Notebook for observations


  1. Set up an ant farm according to the manufacturer’s instructions and introduce the ants to the farm.
  2. Observe the initial settling period as the ants build tunnels and establish their colony.
  3. Introduce various stimuli such as different types of food, changes in light, and physical obstacles.
  4. Record the ants’ responses to each stimulus in the notebook.
  5. Note behaviors such as foraging, communication, and cooperation.
  6. Take daily observations and document changes over time.
  7. Analyze the data to understand the social structure and behavior patterns of the ant colony.
  8. Present findings in a report highlighting key observations and conclusions.